Renewable Energy
Programs Designed
to Save You Money

Eco Energy Solutions is a solar and renewable energy leader with more than 80 years of combined experience. We provide expert guidance in selecting energy solutions for both commercial and residential clients.

Experts in Energy Independence

Since 2010 we have delivered clean energy through designing and implementing commercial and residential solar and renewable energy solutions in both California and Texas.

Taking Control of Your Energy Costs

Solar and renewable energy solutions allow businesses and homeowners to control their energy costs, providing valuable savings and financial stability.

Solar Power

Solar systems have made significant advances and offer both commercial and residential property owners a great return on investment and reduction in energy usage costs. Learn more about our solar options.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

As more consumers purchase electrically powered and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the need for commercial and residential electric vehicle chargers is also increasing. Learn more about our electric vehicle chargers and available installation rebates.

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